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TH2608M/TH2608M-H is a constant torque high performance driver with microstep, voltage range from AC18-80V single power input. It can match two phase hybrid step motors whose rated current under 6.0A flange size range from 57、~86mm. Owe to bipolar constant current chopper control of the driver circuit, the motor can run smoothly and hardly has any noise.Rising the voltage can greatly improve high speed performance and output torque of the motor. Once the pulse stops for 100ms,the phase current will automatically cut by half, which can reduce chances of overheat. Users can operate the driver with microstep in low speed occasion.The upmost microstep can be set to 200.


1. High performance, low price;
2. Provides 16 kinds microstep selection,upmost microstep can be set to 200x;
3. Special circuit design,reduce noise, enhance steadiness;
4. The upmost pulse response frequence amounts to 200Kpps;
5. Once the pulse stops for 100ms,phase current automatically cut by half;
6. Bipolar constant current chopper control;
7. Photocoupler isolated input/output;
8. Adjustable drive current range from 2.0A/phase-6.0A/phase;
9. Single power input, voltage range from AC18-80V;
10. Protection circuit Overheat protection, overcurrent, under voltage protection.
11. Dimension:151x107x48mm,Net Weight:0.5kg.

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Micro Setting

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