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THC3722MA is a constant torque Driver with microstep, voltage range from AC110V-220V,can match 3 phase hybrid stepper motors whose rated current under 7A flange size range from 86-130mm. This Driver integrates high technology which similar to servo technology in theory and can run the motor smoothly in low speed and hardly makes any noise or vibration. The max positioning precision is up to 60000 step/r.


1. High performance, low price, low noise and perfect stability;
2. Provides 16 kinds of microstep selection,resolution can be set to 60000pulse/rev.;
3. Once the pulse stops for 100ms,the phase current will automatically reduce to 20%-80%(It can be set by STOP/Im as show as below);
4. Bipolar constant current chopper control;
5. Photocoupler isolated input/output;
6. Adjustable drive current divided into 16 grades range from 0.7A/phase-7A/phase;
7. Single power input, voltage range from AC110V-220V;
8. The upmost pulse response frequence amounts to 200Kpps;
9. Phase memorize(Notes:Once the pulse stops for 5s or more,the Driver will memorize current phases automatically so that it can be resume after restart or MF signal changes from valid to invalid;
10. Over-heat, over-current and under-voltage protection;
11. Dimension: 80x156x200mm ; net Weight:2.3Kg.

Typical Application

Mainly applied in wood engraving machines, CNC tools, packing equipments, electronics equipments, water drilling machine, glass-making machine, PC embroidery machine, constant application,etc.

Product Diagram

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