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TH-A Series
TH-A Series


TH-A series are electric car controller products, the knowledge of installation method and maintenance. Before using the Wheastone controller, please read this manual in detail, which will help you to install and use the Wheastone controller correctly. If you have any problems with using, please contact us at the last page of this document.
Wheastone TH series programmable controller is Wheastone company dedicated to an efficient, stable and easy to install the electric vehicle controller design, suitable for electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and electric scooter etc.. The series controller is able to output a high starting current and supply tight battery current limit. Therefore, it can work in a relatively small battery current conditions, and can provide a good acceleration and climbing ability. Wheastone controller uses high power MOSFET high frequency design, the efficiency is up to 95%. Powerful intelligent microprocessor provides a comprehensive and accurate control for the Wheastone controller. The user can also connect the computer and the controller through the connecting wires we provide, to configure the controller, to guide the test and to obtain the diagnostic information simply and quickly.

Technical parameters

Series Model Detail Matched motor
TH-A series TH-A024DC40-DUO 24V/40A 24V 750W brushless dc motor
TH-A048DC32-D/WUO 48V/32A 48V 1200W brushless dc motor
TH-A072DC40-D/WUO 72V/40A 72V 2500W brushless dc motor

Basic functions

(1) Fault detection and protection.
(2) Battery voltage real-time monitoring.
(3) Built in current detection and over current protection.
(4) Support without Hall start and run, in addition to start smoothly.
(5) Supply 5V sensor power.
(6) One 0~5V analog input. Pedal or transfer to analog signal input.
(7) One way brake switch input. Connecting the power supply high effective.
(8) One way high voltage/low voltage connecting wire(Optional). Driver voltage access high voltage 60-96V when joint connection; Driver voltage access low voltage 24-48V when joint cut off.
(9) One way steering switch input. Connect GND effective.
(10) 3 phase Hall position sensor input, open-collector output and controller supply pull-up resistor.
(11) Optional controller control power range 18-72V.
(12) Configure different voltage and power products as clients’ requirements.
(13) Open loop control.


(1) Design specialized for electric vehicle and electric scooter.
(2) Electric vehicle specialized intelligent microprocessor.
(3) High speed low loss synchronous rectification PWM modulation.
(4) Strict current limit and torque control.
(5) Accurate without Hall test and start smoothly.
(6) More start current to obtain start speed quickly.
(7) Anti electromagnetic interference, strong vibration resistance.
(8) Install easily convenient for detection and maintenance.
(9) With electronic commutation function.
(10) Easy installation: using a 3 wire pedal potentiometer can work.
(11) Aluminum with heat radiating fin, which is beautiful and can quickly heat radiation.
(12) Over current protection:start protection when the current is too high.
(13) Support 120 degree Hall position sensor.
(14) Support for any pole brushless motor.
(15) Up to 40000 electrical speed.(electrical speed=actual speed * motor pole-pairs)
(16) Support high / low level brake signal.
(17) Current multiplication:small battery current can get bigger motor output current.


(1) Working frequency: 16.6KHz
(2) Standby current: less than 0.5A
(3) 5V sensor supply current: 40mA
(4) Supply voltage: 72V and 18V~72V
(5) Supply current: 150mA
(6) Working voltage: 18V to 1.25* nominal value
(7) Standard pedal input: 0-5V(Three wire resistance type )
(8) Pedal analog signal input: 0-5V. Using three wire resistance type pedal to produce signal
(9) Full power operating temperature range: 0℃-50℃(Controller shell temperature)
(10) Working temperature range: -30℃-90℃
(11) Peak phase current, 10s: 50-120A(according to the model)
(12) Continuous phase current: 5-50A(according to the model)