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TH-D Series
TH-D Series


TH-D series high-power electric vehicle brushless motor is closed-loop vector driver. The driver must match our magnetic encoder can be used normally.This user’s manual describes how to properly install, wiring, maintenance, and maintenance of the driver. Before use, please be sure to read the user's manual carefully. At the same time, please use the product on the basis of understanding the safety precautions of the product.

Technical parameters

Series Model Detail Matched motor Notes
TH-D Series TH-D024DC30-DC 24V/100A 24V 2200W Brushless dc motor Name rule is special, refer to instruction.
TH-D036DC30-DC 36V/100A 36V 3200W Brushless dc motor
TH-D048DC30-DC 48V/100A 48V 4500W Brushless dc motor
TH-D060DC30-DC 60V/100A 60V 5500W Brushless dc motor

Basic functions

1、Gear function, including forward D, reverse R, parking P.
2、Electronic brake function, the function can be realized when the bus current reverse battery charging.
3、Cruise control function, the function of the realization of running speed.
4、Weak magnetic speed up function, the function can improve the running speed under the rated load.
5、Driver protection function, including over current impact, continuous high current too long, over voltage and under voltage, drive module temperature is too high.
6、Motor protection function, including the instantaneous overload out of control protection, continuous large load is too long, blocking, broken phase, motor temperature is too high.
7、Encoder protection function, encoder signal abnormal timely alarm protection.
8、Signal detection of abnormal protection, including the motor phase current, torque command, bus voltage, bus current, drive temperature, motor temperature, etc.
9、Warning protection indicating function, will be related to the protection of the alarm abnormal state through the indicator light flashing display.
10、Parameter adjustment function, through the connection with the host computer can be adjusted including basic parameters, function parameters, torque parameters, battery parameters, etc.


1、Starting characteristics: start stable, high torque control, zero speed or low speed can be output large torque.
2、Eliminating the gap: preset current control can eliminate the mechanical gap between the motor output shaft and the reducer or differential.
3、Overload characteristic: the climbing performance is good, the overload ability achieves the rated torque 4 times above, and the continuous overload ability is strong.
4、Running noise: the electromagnetic noise of the motor is very small, and it can be ignored when running outdoors.
5、Battery life: long range, high efficiency (more than 80%) wide, and real-time monitoring of battery status, power optimization control.
6、Current control: over temperature, continuous overload and other bad state can automatically reduce the output current, protect the motor and driver.
7、Battery protection: real-time monitoring of bus voltage and bus current, the timely protection of under voltage, and limit the bus current to avoid over discharge.