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TH270 servo driver
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TH270 servo driver

Technical parameters

• DSP (digital signal processor) chip, greatly speeding up the data acquisition and processing speed, the motor running performance is good
• Application of large-scale gate array circuit, the product has a high reliability
• Reduced drive size with the latest power device IPM
• Monitoring function allows display of 24 parameter states, including motor speed, feedback pulse, command pulse, input and output port level and motor current
• RS485 communication function
• With pulse position and analog speed two kinds of input control mode, the system configuration is more flexible
• The magnification of the position command pulse can be set (electronic gear input)
• The magnification of the position output pulse can be set (electronic gear output)
• Position / speed two control modes
• Simple and compact design
• Power range: 400W-3.2KW
• Wide speed ratio, constant torque: The speed ratio is 1: 5000
• High-speed, high-precision: the maximum speed of up to 3000 r / min, rotation positioning accuracy of 1/10000 rpm


Driver model TH270-HX-20 TH270-HX-30
Power supply Single phase or three phase Three phase
AC220V (-15%~+10%)   50~60Hz
Control method Using digital AC sine wave control method and the application of optimal PID algorithm to complete PWM control
Feedback signal Incremental encoder 2500P / R with U, V, W position signal (standard)
Province linear encoder position signal (with TH270-XX-XXZL driver)
Position output signal It can set the output pulse rate of the electronic gear output, plus Z-phase open-collector output
Protect function Overcurrent, short circuit, overload, main circuit overvoltage / undervoltage, abnormal braking, encoder abnormalities, overspeed, position tolerance
Control model ①Position control ②Speed control ③Trial operation ④JOG operation
Regenerative braking resistor Built-in(60W,40Ω)
Feature Speed frequency response 200 Hz or higher
Speed fluctuation rate <0.03(Loading 0~100%); <±0.02(Power supply -15~+10%)
(The value corresponds to the rated speed)
Speed ratio 1:5000
Pulse frequency ≤500kHz
Control output ①Servo on
②Alarm clear
③Forward rotation driver forbidden
④Reverse rotation driver forbidden
⑤Deviation counter clear / speed selection 1
⑥Command pulse inhibit / speed selection 2
⑦Multi-function input port 1
⑧Multi-function input port 2
Control output ①Servo is ready ②Servo alarm ③Positioning completed / speed reached
Position control Input type ①Command pulse + sign②Forward pulse / reverse pulse③Two-phase orthogonal instruction pulse
Electronic gear 1~32767/1~32767
Feedback pulse 10000 p/r
Speed control External command / 4 internal speeds
Acceleration and deceleration control Parameters setting 1~10000ms/1000r/min
Monitoring function Speed, current position, position command, position deviation, motor torque, motor current, linear speed, position command pulse frequency, rotor absolute position, input and output terminal signals, operating status
Communication function RS485
Operation LED nixie light, keys
Applicable load inertia Less than 5 times the motor inertia
Weight 2kg
Appropriate environment Temperature Working: 0~50℃ Storage :-20 ℃~65 ℃
Humidity <90%(No dewdrop)
Altitude ≤1,000 m
Vibration <0.5G(4.9m/S2),10~60Hz(Non - continuous operation)


Driver model

Driver model L(mm)
KT270-HX-20 70
KT270-HX-30 80