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About Us
About Us

Jiangsu Wheatstone electric Technology Co., Ltd. the company now owns Tong Hui Wheatstone . WHEATSTONE petroleum testing instruments three brands.

All the petroleum instruments manufactured by our company are in coincidence with the standards of ISO,ASTM,IP,GB,suitable to do determination of viscosity, water content, distillation, carbon residue, cloud point, solidifying point, foam, emulsification, flash point, corrosion, gum content, calorific value, etc.of lubricating oil,fuel oil, mineral oil, solvent oil, transformer oil, steam turbine oil and crude oil.

Especially the double cylinder pressure constant flow pump, gas sampler, laboratory disintegrator , liquefied gas universal sample injector are domestic high-end equipment associated with the application of laboratory.

Our company is moving towards specialization, modernization goals. Innovation and sustainable development. We would like to provide you with quality products and first-class services .